Petite Tips and Tricks: Ryan B. Chua


These two rock a modern marvel look!

We’ve been fans of Ryan B. Chua’s street style shots for a while now. He’s a local photographer who has not only snapped some of the biggest names in blogging at Fashion Week, but some of the Bay Area’s most fashionable ladies as well. Ryan have a keen eye for cool style and he also has a knack for making the most petite lady look absolutely fantastic. We wanted to know his secrets, so we reached out to Ryan for his tips and tricks on petite posing.

Any secret angles to make us look long?

Having your photographer shoot in lower angles will make any petite woman look taller. It also helps if you work on foot placement: cross your legs or placing one foot forward will make you look taller. And wear heels as much as possible in photoshoots. Combine these elements and people will think you’re not petite at all. 
Any Bloggers you have worked with that have mastered the art of lengthening?
I shot Wendy of @WendysLookBook once and she is the master in looking taller in photos. She knows every pose that will make you look taller in front of the camera. Just check out her blog for examples and you’ll see how she does it.
Any tips on balancing body proportions from behind the camera?
From behind the camera, the best way to make your blogger have the best body proportions is to not use wide-angle lens. I highly suggest using a fixed lens like the 50mm 1.4l. Guiding your blogger on posing also helps. Sometimes having awkward leg or arm angles will throw off the proportions. Again, the key is adopting the right poses to make you look proportioned in front of the camera.
Why did you pick Fashion & Street Style Photography?
It was definitely a lot more fun than working in the pharmacy (I was previously a Molecular & Cell Bio Major / Pre-Pharmacy nerd). I realized fashion is so dynamic that it’s never the same each season.  It’s hard to get bored from that, and I get bored easily. I always look forward to seeing what the new trends are. My favorite thing about shooting streetstyle is I get to discover bloggers’ interpretation of personal style and their way of re-defining the trends set out by the fashion industry.
Check out Ryan’s blog here and follow him on Instagram! All images courtesy of Ryan B. Chua.
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Behind The Scenes: A Girl and Her Pineapple

IMG_4631Photoshoots are always fun here at Adela Mei HQ. They’re relaxed, we always have good food, and they can get a little kooky. This last photoshoot was no exception. For one of our shots, we had a pineapple as a prop then decided that it needed to star in each of the shots for the rest of the day. While these shots didn’t make the final cut, they were fun to do! Here are the fruity outtakes in what we titled: A Girl and Her Pineapple


And The Fun Keeps Going

IMG_4405 IMG_4456 IMG_4470

At Adela Mei, we wear many different hats and we LOVE it. Starting this business was first for fashion and second for adventure. We love adventure!
Last month we held our first pop up shop for a week, but we had so much fun we decided to extend the store till May 14th! Aside from playing store keeper, being able to meet new people as well as interact with our customers has been a real treat and we couldn’t get enough. So thank you for stopping by and saying hi!
We wanted to let you know we’ve brought in our new collection (pretty much everything you see online) to the shop. If there is anything you are dying to try on this is your chance! Also we are making an active effort to be there everyday so definitely drop by so we can dish out fashion trends, talk about puppies, and meet you! For more information, click here.
We’d love to hear more about YOUR fashion and for those of you that can’t make it shoot us an email or #iAMpetite on instagram so we can check out your style.
Stacy and Sasha

Adela Mei + Min Edition Spring Warehouse Sale

Poster_Legal_FinalCome join us at our first ever warehouse sale! We’ll have pieces from your fave brands at up to 90% off of retail prices, perfect for revamping your closet for spring. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Adela Mei + Min Edition Spring Warehouse Sale

April 22 – 26

10AM to 630PM

The Shipping Container Pop-Up

101 Paseo De San Antonio Walk

San Jose, CA 95112

AM Lookbook: Spring Awakening

Spring Lookbook1 Spring Lookbook2 Spring Lookbook3 Spring Lookbook4This spring, we wanted to take Adela Mei in a lighter direction. In addition to our usual blacks and grays, we injected some blues and whites into the mix then used texture and pattern to add a softer feeling. We’ve been wanting to use the industrial space of the warehouse where our photographer’s photo studio is as a backdrop for a while, so we decided to explore and ended up finding some really cool spots to shoot. Our model was the beautiful Kayko Tamaki, who was perfect and really made this season’s lookbook look fantastic. On another note, how amazing are her tattoos? We hope you enjoy our little shoot!

Check it out and shop the pieces from the shoot here!

Photography – RC Rivera
Hair and Makeup – Victoria Toda
Model – Kayko Tamaki
Styling – Sasha Moyer

With A Little Help From Our (Very Stylish) Friends

_0006_Beth Animal Print 1Beth, Beth Animal Print: “The sweater is incredibly versatile and the sheer paneling makes it very unique!” _0013_adela-mei-eve-gravel-dress-1.jpgKelly, Alterations Needed: “I really love the layered look achieved with this piece”
_0020_Alex SF Shop Girl 1Alex, SF Shopgirl _0009_Allergic to Vanilla- Sf style blog, short curly hair, happy girl, all grey outfit, work chic, hayes valley San FraCarlina, Allergic to Vanilla: “This skirt is so feminine and I love that- it’s giving me major Italian “la dolce vita” vibes!”
_0014_adelamei_sgoodson3.jpgFeeeeya: “Perfect pair of jeans for on the go! Easy to dress up, for a casual or formal look” _0023_Miss Everyday ElegancePoppy, Miss Everyday Elegance: “So versatile and stylish, and the pockets add an extra chic touch. A must have for any fashionista!”
_0018_Jackie Style BFFsJackie, Style BFFs: “The angular crop at the waist and sleeves just sets this piece apart.” _0019_Adrienne Style BFFsAdrienne, Style BFFs
_0007_It's Not Her It's Me ToshikoToshiko, It’s Not Her It’s Me: “Simple, sleek, and most importantly fits (and flows) in all the right places!” _0010_DSC_6664_HR.jpgChristina, Closet Luxe: “I love this dress because it’s so effortlessly chic…something every petite girl wants.”
_0016_Olga 12_04 1Olga, 12:04: “I like the proportions of tops that are a little bit roomier, especially when I pair them with a skinny jean” _0011_TheSimpleThings-Leadimg.jpgSandy, Sandy Warhol

When it comes to shopping, we always turn to our favorite friends and bloggers to see not just what they’re wearing, but how they’re wearing it. Over the past year, we’ve worked with some incredibly stylish and fabulous petite ladies whose style just can’t be beat. To help celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to put the spotlight on them (and their epic style) and have them share their Adela Mei faves. Check it out! xx, Sasha and Stacy

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It’s Our Birthday!!!


Dear Everyone,

Thanks so much for all your support this past year! It feels like yesterday Sasha and I were just chit chatting about starting Adela Mei. This past year has definitely been a roller coaster of happiness.
We want to give special thanks to all the beautiful bloggers for taking interest in our pieces and adding their own personal twist to showcase the pieces. An additional thanks to everyone behind the scenes including our photographer, makeup artists, petite models, consultants, and more. We really appreciate all their help in executing our dreams.
To celebrate our birthday we wanted to acknowledge our petite lady friends’ unique styles and we’ve showcased them in a shop path dedicated to their Adela Mei faves. Check out #iAMpetite on the site!



“I can’t believe a year went by so fast. Time to see, what we have time to see” – Rent

It feels like just yesterday that we started the site. From our first buying trip in New York and learning the ins and outs of building a site, to our first photoshoot and first sale, it’s been a whirlwind year that has gone by faster than I thought it would. But we’re so happy and proud to say that our baby is now one!! Thank you to everyone who has helped us through the year: friends, family, significant others, shoppers, bloggers – we couldn’t have done it without you! As a small token of our appreciation, use code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout to save 20% sitewide.